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What are Photo Flames?
Photo Flames are ultra high resolution photos of real hardwoods with digitally layered finishes that are applied to a specially formulated self adhesive laminated vinyl.

Can Photo Flames be applied to any guitar?
Yes, Photo Flames can be used with any type of guitar or bass either electric or acoustic. You just need to reference the size guide to find your specific model or body size.

What are Photo Flames made of?
Photo Flame material is a specially formulated laminated vinyl that is 2-mil thick with a pressure activated adhesive backing.

What comes with my Photo Flame?
Your Photo Flame is shipped un-cut and is packaged with detailed instructions on trimming and fitting the skin to your instrument.

How long should it take me to apply my Photo Flame?
On the average it takes about one hour to fit, cut and trim a Photo Flame.

How long will my Photo Flame last?
With proper care Photo Flames can last longer than a guitars original finish. The vinyl product that we use has been tested by exposing it to extreme UV exposure for 2 years with no noticeable change.

Can I apply a clear coat over a Photo Flames?
Although our products are designed to be quick fashion upgrades for your instrument they can be clear coated for a permanent look.

How do I order a Photo Flame?
Simply visit our online store at www.photoflames.com or phone us toll free at 1-888-649-1993. Make sure that you reference the size chart before ordering.

What forms of payment do you accept?
All payments are processed through a secure PayPal gateway that accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Why does the PayPal gateway list Brand 0' Guitar Company as the payee?
Brand O' Guitar Company is a Corporation registered in the State of Florida as the exclusive provider of Brand O Guitars, Photo Flames, Axe Wrap and Guitar Gloss. You can learn more about Brand O' Guitars and their other product lines by visiting www.brandoguitars.com

How will my order be shipped?
All orders are shipped through USPS first-class mail, unless you have selected USPS Priority. The length of time it will take to receive your order, depends on which shipping option you select.

When will my order ship?
Photo Flames are printed when ordered and are typically shipped within 5 to 7 business days from the day the order was received in order to let the lamination set and dry properly.

What is your Return Policy?
Unaltered or uncut Photo Flames are available for replacement or return within 30 days of purchase with prior approval. You must contact us by telephone at 407-620-4229 to request return authorization at which time a customer service representative will provide you a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) along with shipping details. Refunds will only be provided for the cost of merchandise and applicable taxes, shipping costs are non-refundable.

How can I contact Customer Service?
You can contact Photo Flames Customer Service toll free at 1-888-649-1993 or e-mail us at csrv@photoflames.com.

How can I inquire about reseller or dealer opportunities?
Call us at 407-620-4229; this is the main number for the Brand O' Guitar Company.

Do you have custom finishes available?
Yes, we have produced many custom finishes and graphics, visit www.brandoguitars.com for some examples or call us toll free at 1-888-649-1993






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