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Photo Flame Kit

Each Photo Flame kit contains the following:
  • Full color high resolution vinyl application
  • Detailed application instructions

If your kit is missing any of the above call us at 1-888-649-1993.

Photo Flame Kit


Step 1

Remove the strings and hardware from your guitar.

Step 2

Place the guitar body on top of the Photo Flame.

Step 3a

With a sharp hobby or trimming knife cut out the vinyl approximately 1/8th inch from edge of body.

Step 3b

You can achieve a good clean cut if you let the edge or the side of the hobby or trimming knife ride along the side of the body.

Step 4

Remove the guitar body to reveal the cut body. Use a hobby or trimming knife to trim any uncut edges.

Step 5

Remove the backing from the top half of the vinyl and position the Photo Flame on the top half of the guitar body.

Step 6

Remove the remaining backing and fit the rest of the Photo Flame to the guitar body using an art squeegee or smooth flat edge object to smooth the surface.

Step 7

Use a hobby or trimming knife to trim out around neck joint, body cavities and hardware. Then, reassemble your guitar.


Once your Photo Flame transformation is complete you can enjoy a great looking guitar with an eye popping finish that will surely grab attention. With proper care, your new Photo Flame application will last as long as or sometimes longer than your guitars original finish. Plus, if your Photo Flame wears out or you just want a change, simply do it again.






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